5 Words We Need To Change

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Slang is everywhere, in every language, on every continent. Even the scientists who live in Antarctica. You think they don’t have slang? I mean, I doubt I’d be able to understand it, but  that doesn’t extinguish its existence. That’s a concept, huh?

Some slang though, is definitely better than its original derivative word. Here are 5 words we need to seriously consider officially revising in the English language.

@Merriam-Webster, I’m looking at you…

#1 Though into Tho

“Tho” is the best way to text “though,” and the use of its alternative spelling need not end there.  “Tho” is short and to the point. The spelling of “tho” honestly resonates “though” energy way more accurately than “though” ever did. Even the spelling of “though” voluntarily discards the last three letters: “ugh.” “Though” is literally saying “ugh” to itself. Nothing wrong with brevity.  

#3 Baby into Bby

Before you say this spelling defies the logic of vowels, remember: “y” is a vowel too. Moving on, “bby” is infinitely cuter than “baby.” Just say the two out loud for an immediate comparison. Isn’t that “a” dragging the whole word down? Also, what good is that “a” doing any baby out there? Babies would have a far easier time saying “bby,” bby. 

#4 Night into Nite

Nick@Nite was a whole mood during those late night 2000s marathons. I don’t totally want to attribute this entire dictionary revision to Nick@Nite, but I am doing that exactly. There’s just something magical and short lived about the nighttime that “night” just doesn’t quite capture. “Nite” tho, (see what I did there?) wraps it all up much more succinctly. 


Written by Nina Slowinski

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