Artists To Add To Your ~Vibes~ Playlist Stat

If you’re a living, breathing manifestation of this tweet:

We’ve got some new chill vibes in store for you. Of course, it’s totally not a bad thing to have “basic” music taste. But if you’re looking to expand your repertoire, check these artists out:


A-Wall’s music takes us on a laid back and youthful journey. Clean guitar, crisp snare, and syncopated composition create a layered and unique aura. Intermittent skits, intros, and titles like “Summer Luv” and “Prom Night” guide listeners into a nostalgia-induced daydream. If a Rex Orange County meets Cuco vibe is what you’re going for, stream A-Wall.

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen’s music self-describes as “best listened to while smoking at the back end of the parking lot, while skipping 2nd period AP trig.” I must agree. Hazy vocals accompany breezy guitar and lo-fi synth, providing a wildly chill and sunny undercurrent. If Clairo and Girl In Red are your go-tos, give Beauty Queen’s bedroom pop a listen.

Hiro Yanagida

If you’re into early 70s jam sessions or some of Tame Impala’s experimental instrumental tracks, this one’s for you. An obscure and ˜”*°• certified vintage •°*”˜ vibe, Hiro Yanagida’s psychedelic space rock provides the perfect improvised ambience. A combination of synth organ, experimental guitar, and jazzy bass manifests a sesh that induces a contact high. Courtesy of the counterculture movement itself.

Rodney Chrome

Rodney Chrome’s tracks give off an ethereal and inventive feeling.  Silky vocals, strong bass, and dreamy flavor deliver a diverse aura to his discography. No two songs sound the same. As a queer person of color, Chrome uses his music to inspire those who have not yet found their own voice. His poetic and vulnerable work does just that. If you like Frank Ocean’s ability to teleport you into a whole dream, or if you’re into seriously high energy tracks, you’ll love Rodney Chrome.

If you’re looking for more underground bops, find these artists and more on this playlist:

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Written by Marina Martinez

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