Best Flash Games of the 2000’s

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We can all agree the 2000’s were the golden decade for video games. And The early days saw the PlayStation 2, first-gen Xbox, and GameCube, and brother, those days were good. The mid-2000s brought with it the PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. From Tekken to Halo to Super Smash Bros. and everything in between, the gaming world was at never before seen heights of popularity.

However, if you came from one of the millions of households where the fear of God and Ralph Nader permeated the air, your access to video games were probably restricted to internet flash games to get your dopamine fix. Whether you used Addictinggames, Miniclips, Newgrounds, CoolMathGames, or for some reason, Yahoo!Games, nothing rivals those days in the computer labs playing Bowman 2 on a CRT monitor.

As the decade went on, Adobe Flash’s popularity continued to soar, with new iterations and graphics improvements and creator freedom essentially unlimited. That was of course until the introduction of smartphones. Many of the more popular games found their rightful spots in the Apple and Android app stores while the majority simply died out in the collective 12-year-old conscience. And at the end of this year it will be gone forever, sort of.

On December 31, 2020, Adobe will discontinue its support of Flash and it will be slowly excommunicated from every website on the internet. While this certainly appears to be a solid kick in the nuts to every man-child such as myself, there is still hope. Independently made launchers such as Flashpoint, Flash Game Archive, Ruffle and Internet Archive all have projects to keep flash games accessible to all fans of past, present, and future.

Check out the list of all-time great flash games below and how you would rank them. Sound off on the comments below with other great flash games we left out.


Written by Matt Sullivan

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