Here’s the 411 on USPS Ballot Turnaround Times.

The USPS is urging voters to budget about a week to mail in their ballots before the election. In a letter written to election officials in May, the Postal Service said, “To account for delivery standards and to allow for contingencies (e.g., weather issues or unforeseen events), voters should mail their return ballots at least 1 week prior to the due date established by state law.”

You might have seen claims that the USPS suggested a 14-day turnaround for ballots before the election, but it seems that a week from election day is the latest you should mail your ballot in. If you’re pressed for time, that’s a good deadline to keep in mind.

Honestly, though, I’d send my ballot out even earlier. If you can do it as soon as physically possible, that might be the way to go. Most states are already accepting mail-in ballots to be returned, (find your state and the best deadline to return them here!) and if your game plan is to mail your ballot in there’s no time like the present.

Due to COVID regulations, states have also given individual guidelines on how and when to vote. If you’re unsure of what your state’s regulations are, check out this handy source from No matter how or when you vote (as long as your ballot’s in on time, of course) make sure you do!

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Written by Marina Martinez

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