Here’s What You Missed From The Trump/Biden Town Halls

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In light of Trump’s COVID diagnosis, Biden was planning on having a virtual debate with Trump, to which Trump declined. So, Biden decided to hold a town hall. Being the cheeky man he is, Donald Trump held a town hall with NBC at the exact same time as Joe Biden. I’m imagining — as others have — that Trump might’ve done this in order to later brag about higher ratings on his town hall, but that is just a little hunch. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past him to be just a bit petty. Anyway, if you decided to watch one or the other, here are some super snappy points from each of the candidates’ discussions, courtesy of @simplepoliticsus on Instagram. 



  • Confirmed he would leave the White House if he lost the election
  • Stated he knows nothing about QAnon
  • Said he’d release details about his debt, but once again, said nothing about his tax returns 
  • Couldn’t remember if he took a COVID test on the day of his last debate against Joe Biden. I quote, “possibly I did, possibly I didn’t.”
  • One of the audience members also called him handsome, I guess?



  • Would not confirm nor deny if the 1994 crime bill was bad or good 
  • Unclear on whether he would expand the Supreme Court
  • Might look into making a COVID vaccine mandatory, but acknowledged that enforcement is tough
  • Said he’d “flat out change the law” to protect at-risk LGBTQ+ rights 


We’re expecting another debate soon, but hopefully both candidates will be tested beforehand. 


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