It’s Refreshing to Have a First Dog Again

It’s refreshing to have a first dog again. Actually, it would be refreshing to have one first dog, but come January, we’ll be welcoming two dogs and a new cat into the White House. While a Biden-Harris administration will undoubtedly be good and fresh for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s nice to focus on the more wholesome aspects of the political hellfire that we’ve been living through for the past few years.

The Dogs of the United States began a Twitter account – which has somehow since been suspended – that was so cringey it was adorable. Champ and Major Biden tweeted fun blurbs like “We’re so proud of our dad @JoeBiden, the first ever presidential candidate to receive 75 million votes. But Major will be setting a record of his own as he’s the first ever rescue pupper to live in the WH. We’re gonna play all day & receive countless treats!”

So cute.

As we know, Donald Trump was the first president in a century to lack a dog in the White House. While he says he had no time, I just cannot fathom having White House resources at my disposal and not owning at least 70 dogs. But with that debacle behind us, I’m massively excited to see what other slightly cringey but undoubtedly wholesome content the first dogs will post once they have up-and-running accounts again. And if Major and Champ need a press secretary, have their people call my people.

Thumbnail via Delaware Humane Association – Facebook. 


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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