Meet Three 2020 Elected Officials Who Made History

It’s November 6, 2020. As of now, ballots for the presidential election are still being counted and we’re all still wasting away waiting for Nevada. (Psst, edit from me from the future: Biden is the President-Elect now!) But we’ve definitely got to hand it to candidates who’ve already secured wins in their local and state elections! Some candidates have made history this election. Keep reading to meet a few of the representatives who are, well, bringing actual representation of their constituents to their offices.


Sarah McBride

Sarah McBride became the first openly trans state senator after winning in Delaware. She interned in Obama’s White House and has been a champion of ensuring legal protection for transgender people. She is also the national press secretary of the Human Rights Campaign and an all-around star.

Marilyn Strickland

Marilyn Strickland has made history by becoming the first Korean American Congresswoman and the first black person elected to federal office in Washington. She ran her campaign on working together to solve the issues, rather than “labels and partisanship,” which totally seems to be the unity we need right now.

Mauree Turner

Mauree Turner is the first nonbinary state legislator and first Muslim Oklahoma lawmaker. Turner’s campaign ran on an understanding of what inclusivity and representation looks like, and it’s totally clear that the campaign did the job!

While those historical elections just name a few, take a look at the plethora of other new elected officials who have made history. I’m so glad we’re seeing more representation in legislative positions, and I’m definitely excited to see more people from all backgrounds run in the future.

Thumbnail: Sarah McBride and Joe Kennedy via Wikimedia Commons. 


Written by Marina Martinez

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