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Modern Capitalism Is Designed To Suck

Stop reading if you’ve never heard this argument for why Jeff Bezos deserve to have a combined net worth of $200B — which...

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Here’s What You Missed From The Trump/Biden Town Halls

In light of Trump’s COVID diagnosis, Biden was planning on having a virtual debate with Trump, to which Trump declined. So, Biden decided to...

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PSA: Talk To Your Roommates

(Photo above by Kate Kalvach via Unsplash) Yes, this is my second article this week about roommates. But it’s top of mind for me. For...

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What is The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?

Photo credit to FOX One of the more interesting developments of the 2020 Protests this week comes from Seattle, where Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered police in...

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Should e-sports be considered a sport?

As a kid, playing video games was a hobby, but now people are making millions of dollars doing it. Some are streamers like Ninja,...

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