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Image from CNN Taylor Swift has made Billboard history by becoming the first artist to debut at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (songs)...

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Did Annabelle Disappear?

Image from Film Daily. Annabelle’s story grew in popularity after the release of the 2014 movie Annabelle. Legend has it a nurse in the ‘70s...

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Why Do We Like Personality Tests So Much?

Image from pexels Ahh, nothing beats the satisfaction of taking a personality quiz and seeing yourself represented and understood in the result. But, why exactly...

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The Good Place As A Subversive Sitcom

Image from NBC. The Good Place spoilers ahead! Set in the afterlife, The Good Place centers around Eleanor Shellstrop; a trashy and selfish woman  finds herself...

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Stop Hating on Carbs

Image from the ADA. Carbohydrates have long been demonized by diet fads and health influencers. From bread and pasta to fruits and vegetables, carbs are...

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