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What if we referred to other countries in their own language?

I always thought it strange that we refer to other countries by their name in our language rather than their language. After all, we...

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The Dutch art of doing nothing

There’s a new status symbol in town, free of (monetary) cost — busyness. Someone might inquire what your weekend is like, to which you...

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8 foreign idioms that will make your day

I can still remember being asked to illustrate the idiom “once a blue moon” back in second grade and the utter panic I felt...

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Hidden gems for the lactose intolerant

Approximately 65% of humans develop a reduced ability to digest lactose (the principal sugar in milk and dairy) after infancy. Yet many people, myself...

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5 Unnamed Emotions & Phenomenons In English

Although I love the flexibility and forgivingness of the English language when it comes to informal communication, I sometimes think the offering of words...

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