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Kids are Better at Wearing Masks Don’t @ Me

Let me tell you about my day job. I am a kindergarten para. Basically, I blend into the background of the classroom, making sure that the students aren’t eating glue or whatever. I show them how to use scissors. For some reason, I have multiple injuries on my hands from the stapler snapping back at […] More

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Biden Wins the Presidential Election, Defeating Trump

Joe Biden is the projected winner of the U.S. 2020 election, and officially called to be president-elect. After a long and winding week, mail-in ballots have been sufficiently counted to grant enough electoral votes. They’ve led Biden to the W. The Biden-Harris campaign has secured a victory through the tipping-point state of Pennsylvania: where Biden […] More

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An Appreciation Post for the Northern Lights

My unsolicited opinion: the northern lights remain the single most intriguing natural phenomenon to exist on our planet. Sure, I’m familiar with volcanic lightning and Antarctica’s Blood Falls. Still, the northern lights stand in a secluded supremacy, untouchable and untoppable by other natural wonders.   How do they work, anyway? The aurora borealis (or, if […] More

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