Rating Things In Pete Davidson’s Cave

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Promoting Pete Davidson’s stand-up special that came out earlier this year, Netflix also released an exclusive tour of Davidson’s famous, Staten Island basement apartment: The Cave. The tour is lovingly given by none other than Davidson himself. While obviously Davidson does not live in an actual cave, he could totally pull it off. In this exclusive Davidson not only shows off his digs, but his most prized possessions as well. While Davidson’s endless LED lights, signed wall, and “porno bathroom” certainly sculpt the space, it’s really his possessions that make The Cave his home.

Here we’re discussing the best of Davidson’s personal items. What’s your favorite thing Davidson owns?

#2 Grandpa & Gekko from “PJ Masks”

This is a two in one. One makes total sense, and the other keeps me up at night. 

Davidson is extremely close with his grandfather, and he's also developed a close relationship with film director Judd Apatow. This framed photo of the three of them on set — likely for The King Of Staten Island — is heartwarming. Even when accompanied by the moment when Davidson first learns of his grandfather's Parkinson's disease. 

This PJ Masks Gekko figurine though? What's it doing on this mantle?  Does Davidson watch this children's show? If so, is the Gekko his favorite character? Or does he just think it's a cool little guy chilling next to him, his grandfather, and Judd Apatow? I have so many questions.

#4 Kevin

Aptly named "Kevin," this is Davidson's fake alien. He provides little insight to how Kevin ended up in The Cave, but no explanation is really needed. Kevin fits right in in The Cave. Literally. He blends right in to the walls. Is that creepy or, somehow, extra homey? 

Behind Kevin is one of famous basketball player Shaquille O'Neal's shoes. Just one of them though. Not a pair. Just one shoe. For some reason. It was a gift Davidson did not request.

Apparently, that's what happens to famous people: you put unwanted, though thoughtful(?) gifts behind your fake alien. Cool. 

#5 Uncut Gems Basketball

This Uncut Gems basketball is currently Davidson's favorite thing in the apartment, which is why it is on the list. To pay respect. 

There have been super mixed takes on this movie. Some call it a cinematic marvel, others call it cinematic trash. Regardless, Davidson openly loves and supports this film. He's definitely among the crowd who consider it a cinematic marvel. Plus, Adam Sandler is his boy. And dad? 


Written by Nina Slowinski

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