Drums (5/10)

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  1. Playability: 8/10. Okay, the extent of my experience with drums is playing Guitar Hero. So, I don’t know the first thing about playing, but from what I have observed and read, it seems like the drums are fairly intuitive as long as you have a sense of rhythm. Since they are a percussion instrument, you can’t really play a song just with the drums and expect the song to be obvious, so that also docks it a point. 

  2. Aesthetic: 6/10. Don’t get me wrong, I love the drums. I’ve always wanted to learn to play them. But in terms of sound? You don’t get much versatility save for the specific kinds of percussive sound each element of the drums produces.

  3. Convenience: 1/10. Drums are big, heavy, loud, and pretty much impossible to carry around. Traveling with drums seems like a pain in the ass, so that’s certainly something to consider.

Written by Danny

Student at Georgetown University. Lover of Film and TV. Self-taught clown.




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