Harp (9/10)

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  1. Playability: 2/10. SO. MANY. STRINGS. My small mortal mind cannot comprehend how people play the harp. It’s a beautiful skill, but a very difficult one that probably takes years to master. Not the easiest choice.

  2. Aesthetic: 8.5/10. There’s no denying that the harp produces a lovely, calming, inviting sound. That alone grants it a high grade. However, it is also a very specific, not quite versatile sound, so alas, it does not get a 10.

  3. Convenience: 1/10. Harps are big and delicate, which is not an ideal combination when trying to travel with an instrument (I actually have no idea how harps are transported, or if there’s a specific way to do it, so if you know, please comment and educate me). The number of strings also makes me think that setting it up and tuning it is a ginormous pain. 

Written by Danny

Student at Georgetown University. Lover of Film and TV. Self-taught clown.




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