Harmonica (10/10)

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  1. Playability: 9/10. Seems simple enough. Maybe with some YouTube tutorials, you could learn to play. Then again, I have never played the harmonica in my life so what the hell do I know, right?

  2. Aesthetic: 5/10. The harmonica is quite polarizing. Some people love the rich, country-like sound, and others despise it (a friend of mine literally said harmonicas sound like they are perpetually out of tune, so there’s that). The sound lends itself to country and folk music quite naturally. If you want to play a pop song, it may not sound as good, so take that into consideration.

  3. Convenience: 10/10. So smol. So light. So pocket-sized. The perfect traveling instrument. You can bring it anywhere! School, work, the bank (not recommended), you name it.

Written by Danny

Student at Georgetown University. Lover of Film and TV. Self-taught clown.




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