Educate Yourself (1/5)

The United States has a long history of discrimination and oppression, but many of us are ignorant to it. Thankfully, Powell’s compiled a list of books to educate people advocating for Black Lives Matter, and Film Daily compiled a list of Black Lives Matter-inspired content. Granted, this does not even begin to cover the systematic racism that permeates the U.S., so here are some online courses and lectures on African-American Studies offered by the University of Michigan and a Yale open course on African-American History. 

Most importantly, understand that if you are not black, you cannot truly understand the toll that years of fear and oppression have had, so be respectful and believe black voices.

Written by Danny

Student at Georgetown University. Lover of Film and TV. Self-taught clown.




“Speak Now” (7/7)

Sign Petitions (2/5)