Guitar (2/10)

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  1. Playability: 8.5/10. Another popular instrument!  Guitar is also quite easy to pick up. However, it’s not as intuitive as the piano, hence the lower score. You can also play pretty much anything on a guitar, from ballads to rock songs, and it will sound good.

  2. Aesthetic: 10/10. The guitar has a warm, round sound that can be soft or loud. It’s more versatile than the piano, and artists from all genres use guitars. 

  3. Convenience: 7/10. Guitars are definitely easier to transport than pianos, but they are somewhat delicate and can be difficult when traveling. However, you can bring a guitar to a nearby gathering and be the life of the party. Also, they’re fairly easy to tune and string (if I can do it, you definitely can too).

Written by Danny

Student at Georgetown University. Lover of Film and TV. Self-taught clown.




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