You can stay up as late/get up as early as you want (4/5)

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This is another one about not inconveniencing other people, but it’s just so nice to not have to worry that what you’re doing is affecting someone else. My roommates all went to bed really early, so I would always have to be extra quiet at night. And if you’re in the opposite situation where you wake up earlier than your roommates, you would have to try not to wake them up. But when you live alone, you can be as loud as you want to. 

Written by Abby Sacks

Student at the University of Virginia studying Psychology and Media Studies. When not writing or hanging out with my cat, can be found watching too much bad TV and being too old for TikTok but enjoying it anyway.




You have less cleaning to do (3/5)

You can have people over whenever you want (5/5)