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2020 General Election Delay…?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Let’s talk about this: 

Will the long awaited 2020 general election be postponed

Luckily, the president alone does not have the power to make this decision. Also, tweeting about it is less than official — just classically controversial and concerning. What’s new? 

The decision for a postponement would have to go through Congress first, and since the Democrats currently control the House, it’s definitely unlikely. 

Still, why fear mail-in ballots? About half the states in the country already allow registered voters to cast their votes via mail upon request. Would it really be so bad if mail-in ballots became the primary voting procedure during a pandemic? 

Apparent in his tweet, Trump fears mass fraud. Yet, he offers no evidence to support his claim. Of course, delays with New York’s primary elections earlier this summer sparked concern and Trump does mention this in earlier tweets. 



While the New York absentee ballot process does need some serious reform, there were no reported problems with fraud. Furthermore, back to the first tweet, what even is the exact difference between an absentee ballot and a mail-in ballot? Both use the postal service in the same way. 

An absentee ballot is a ballot filled out by a voter who cannot make it to a voting location of Election Day.

A mail-in ballot is used more broadly to refer to ballots sent through mail. 

Essentially, absentee ballots are used in states where physically going to the polls is still the main procedure. Prior to COVID-19 though, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington conducted elections by mail-in ballots with no issue. 

Trump’s real problem with mail-in ballots likely has more to do with his fear of losing, than a fear of fraud. Mail-in ballots have the potential to reach more voters, as long as you register

Do you think the proposed postponement comes out of a fear of fraud or fear of losing? Let us know in the poll below! 

  • Delay: fear of fraud or fear of losing?

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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