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“Avatar: The Last Airbender” is the Best Thing on Netflix

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“Avatar: The Last Airbender” dropped on Netflix on May 15. After being released, “Avatar” quickly shot to the number one title on the platform. Now, over a month after it dropped, it is still number six in popularity as of writing this article.

Many of the people who rejoiced the addition of “Avatar” to the Netflix catalogue are people around my age who grew up watching the cartoon as kids. Rewatching the series now can be a form of nostalgic escapism for anyone who remembers loving it when they were younger. And we all know nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool.

But, unlike other favorite childhood shows that are unenjoyable, annoying drivel upon rewatch (I seriously don’t know how anybody ever enjoyed watching things like “Back at the Barnyard”), “Avatar” holds up to scrutiny. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a nearly-impossible 100 percent tomatometer and 99 percent audience score, meaning it is both critically acclaimed and well-liked by viewers.

Critics like “Avatar” for its masterfully handled character development, evident but not ham-fisted morals, and well-paced storylines. Fans like the show for its clever jokes that are still funny for adults (including this fan-favorite running joke), relatable and complex characters, and magical and intricate world building.

“Avatar” has three seasons of 20-minute episodes, making it easy enough to binge in a weekend and not feel guilty about it and long enough to stretch out over a longer period if you want to maximize the nostalgia trip. What other show on Netflix is as well-made, uplifting, heartwarming, and fun as “Avatar?” Nothing.

If you watched it as a kid, now is the time to rewatch and relive all the goodness of “Avatar.” If you’ve never seen it before (first of all, who are you?), watch it now to experience all the qualities of great TV.

  • Is “Avatar” the Best Title on Netflix?

    • Yes, of course!
    • I’m a film major, so I like “The Social Network”
    • I like trash, AKA “365 Days” and “Too Hot to Handle”


Written by Abby Sacks

Student at the University of Virginia studying Psychology and Media Studies. When not writing or hanging out with my cat, can be found watching too much bad TV and being too old for TikTok but enjoying it anyway.

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