Awful Early 2000s Fashion Trends, Ranked

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1. Obscenely Low-Waisted Jeans 

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These are at a well-deserved number one as the absolute worst fashion trend of the early 2000’s. Low-rise jeans need to stay right in that time period. It’s where they belong. They are notoriously uncomfortable, unflattering, and generally insulting to every other good pair of jeans out there. A good high-waisted vintage cut is the king of jeans. You cannot convince me otherwise.

2. Hollister from Head to Toe

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RIP to massive logos and garish seagull embroidery. RIP to the odor of cologne so strong that you lost your sense of smell for a bit. Did we wear this stuff because it was so dark in the store that we couldn’t even see what we were picking out? Or was it truly ~high fashion~?

3. Polo Shirts with the Popped Collar

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I just want to know how y’all wore, like, seven polos on top of each other. That’s seven too many.  The color coordination was real, but I could never imagine the discomfort of that many popped collars in the dead of summer.

4. UGGs

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People still wear these. I cannot even begin to explain why. These boots are expensive, uncomfortable (we’re really seeing a theme of discomfort during the early 2000’s,) and notoriously hideous. I’ll admit that my knockoff sparkly UGGs from dELiA*s were once a staple in my wardrobe, but I will always regret that decision.

5. Ties Everywhere

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We can blame Avril for this one. The early 2000’s truly was a time of unnecessary accessories. But admittedly the random tie is definitely not the worst trend we’ve seen. Still though. Why use a necktie as a belt for jeans that basically defied gravity anyway?Which of these trends were you guilty of following?

  • Was early 2000’s fashion really that bad?

    • Yes. We can never repeat that era in fashion.
    • No! Bring the juicy couture tracksuit back.


Written by Marina Martinez

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