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Why The Boogaloo Bois Scare Me
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Who are the Boogaloo Bois? A far-right group that is anti-government, pro-gun, and maybe either white supremacist or anti-racist, depending on the chapter. Regardless, this group wants a second American civil war. 

That’s right.

This group of predominantly straight white men want a second American civil war. Let that sink in.

More recently the Boogaloo Bois have been expanding beyond their social media presence and appearing in the news. In person they wear floral print Hawaiian shirts and carry AR-15 rifles. Online they organize behind Pepe The Frog memes. Are we to be afraid of them? 



Yes. At least, I am. Though my immediate fear stems from a different reasoning than national security. Boogaloo Bois remind of those guys in high school. Yeah. Those ones. You know the ones. 

Remember the boys who wore floral print Hawaiian shirts “ironically?” They’re the guys who would laugh at stupid memes without realizing the memes share xenophobic content. These guys only talk about women if they’re deemed “hot enough.” Whether or not these guys go hunting on the weekends, for some reason they feel the need to wear hunting camo garb during gym class. While they’re not the guys who drive around town with Confederate flags on their trucks, they have no problem hitching a ride from the guy who does. 

These types of high school guys are. . .ignorant, to say the least. I thought this type of guy only existed in high school — sort of a development phase most men might go through. Alas, the Boogaloo movement shows me that some men just might not grow past this point. It might only get worse. 

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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