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BTS Quick Member Facts

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K-pop group BTS recently donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement, a sum which their fans, also known as “ARMY,” matched and exceeded. The group’s stand against racism has been a subject of discussion (even CNN has written about it!), and while the group has been popular in the U.S. for a while, many don’t yet know its history. If you’re new to BTS and want to learn about the people who comprise it, here are some quick facts for each member:

Rap Monster (Kim Nam-joon [Korean: 김남준])

Rap Monster, also known as RM, is the group leader and only English speaker. He was part of Korea’s underground rap scene before getting a demo to Big Hit Entertainment, the management company for BTS, and becoming the first member of BTS. He has two self-produced mixtapes: RM and Mono. He’s known for being an art lover and plant dad.


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Suga (Min Yoon-gi [Korean: 민윤기])

Suga is a rapper in the group, as well as a music producer for other Korean artists like IU and Suran. He auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment with a freestyle rap and quickly became the second member of BTS. He has two mixtapes: Agust D and D-2. He enjoys the indoors and is known for his hard exterior and soft interior persona.


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J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok [Korean: 정호석])

J-Hope is a rapper, dance leader, and the third member to join the group. He grew popular in Korea’s street dance scene before auditioning for Big Hit Entertainment with a dance video. He has one self-produced mixtape called “Hope World,” with music to match his extra personality. He’s known for his love of shopping and fashion sense (referred to by ARMY as “hobicore”), as well as for being loud and outgoing.


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V (Kim Tae-hyung [Korean: 김태형])

V is a vocalist and recent addition to the dance line. He didn’t intend on auditioning for Big Hit Entertainment but accompanied a friend. A casting agent encouraged him to audition too, and, well, you can guess how that went. He has three self-composed/written songs on Soundcloud: “Four O’Clock,” “Scenery,” and “Winter Bear.” He’s popular in the fandom for his soft looks, deep voice, and killer falsetto.


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Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook [Korean: 전정국])

Jungkook is a vocalist, main dancer, and the youngest of the group. He auditioned for Superstar K, a Korean talent show, and didn’t make it through, but he received offers from several entertainment companies, including Big Hit. He chose Big Hit after seeing a video of RM. He has one self-written/composed song, “Still With You,” on Soundcloud, which he dedicated to ARMY. He’s known for being athletic and for his video-editing skills (he even has a video series on the BTS Youtube channel called G.C.F.!).


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Jimin (Park Ji-min [Korean: 박지민])

Jimin is a vocalist and main dancer in the group. He studied contemporary dance at his high school before joining Big Hit and has largely contributed with his dance abilities to BTS. He has one self-written/composed song on Soundcloud, “Promise,” which you can listen to here. He’s known for breaking gender norms (we love to see it!), his elegant dancing skills, and his unique voice.


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Jin (Kim Seok-jin [Korean: 김석진])

Jin is a main singer and the oldest member of the group. He studied acting and theater in college, when he was scouted by a casting agent. He has one self-written/composed song on Soundcloud, called “Tonight.” He’s known for his cooking abilities and general dad energy with the other group members.


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  • Who’s your favorite BTS member?

    • RM
    • Suga
    • J-Hope
    • V
    • Jungkook
    • Jimin
    • Jin


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