Can We Please Leave Meghan and Harry Alone?

It’s no secret: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have gotten tons of shit from the press and the public since they became a couple. Headlines like “Guess Who Wears the Trousers in Prince Harry’s Relationship?” berated Meghan for wearing actual trousers one day, like a normal human being. Countless stories compare Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Meghan was slammed for, um, eating avocado?

Some publications in British media have made this clear: the press is blatantly racist, often distorted, and massively invading the couple’s privacy. The issue grew so much that Harry and Meghan swore off answering questions for The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Mirror.

After Meghan and Harry stepped away from their royal duties and left the UK, it seemed like all might be quiet for a small while. But of course, it looks like we Americans still had to deny their right to privacy.

On the 24th of June, Prince Harry and Meghan sued unnamed defendants over photos of their son Archie that were allegedly taken in the garden of their private Los Angeles home. This is obviously a blatant disregard for privacy. And it is definitely not right to deny anyone privacy on their own property.

The lawsuit claims that the tabloid media seeks profit from illegal actions; the images of their son were not even taken in public interest, but showed blatant harassment.

Can’t these two just get a break? Everyone deserves to have private time with their family. No media companies should ever profit off the use of a child’s likeness. Besides, why do we care so much about the British royal family anyway?

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  • Is the media invading Meghan and Harry’s personal space?

    • Definitely – leave them alone!
    • Not at all – this comes with the job.


Written by Marina Martinez

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