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Cancel “Cancel Culture?”
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Never has there been a better time to debate potential cancellation of “Cancel Culture.” Ironic, right? To anyone wondering, “what ‘Cancel Culture’ is,” the better question is: What has “Cancel Culture” become? 

It’s become a bit of a two parter.

“Cancel Culture” today often acts as an extension of “Call-out Culture.”

Call-Out Culturethe practice of holding individuals and/or groups accountable for offensive actions by calling attention to the behavior in question

Cancel Culture – the practice of withdrawing support for public figures and/or companies after demonstrating objectionable or offensive actions

Simply, a call-out is part one, which then often enacts part two: cancellation. That seems simple, right? If this was all “cancel culture” was, I could get behind it completely. It would be an easy way to consciously remove toxins from daily life. I wish. Social media particularly has caused the act of “canceling” to explode beyond this basic definition. 

Have you heard Dave Chappelle’s hilarious and accurate take on “Cancel Culture?”

“Cancel Culture” has become a form of online shaming, which is not necessarily always entirely awful. Sometimes an opportunity for a real learning experience presents itself. Other times, it just presents an opportunity to virtue signal and that is where I find myself getting iffy on the matter. Personally, I do not find virtue signaling to be inherently wrong. Virtue signaling, though, in order to demonstrate moral superiority – now how does that not ethically conflict with moral high ground? 

“Cancel Culture” should not be about demonstrating or identifying who is the best “good person.” “Cancel Culture” should be about inciting change by taking an active stance – you know, its original purpose. An example? Boycott Starbucks for its use of child labor. That’s how you do that. 

I’m serious though. Consider buying your coffee elsewhere.

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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