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Cori Bush Won. Is the Democratic Party Losing Power?

Cori Bush — a Missouri nurse, ordained pastor, and activist against racial injustice — won her primary against the incumbent William Lacy Clay. Clay, for the record, took over for his father, BIll Clay, after he was in the office for 32 years. With a bit of a dynasty disruption, Bush is looking to become the first black woman to represent Missouri in Congress.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a community leader disrupt Democratic Establishment politics. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez brought a movement of normal working class people overthrowing the liberal elite to the surface. While she wasn’t the first to do this by any means, it’s started a bit of a movement. The Squad is undoubtedly growing, and I’m here for it.

Cori Bush is a black, working-class, single mother. Maybe she’s someone who’s easier to identify with than the son of a congressman who’s been trained to take over dad’s role.

Bernie Sanders was also one of the only congressional members to endorse Bush. It seems that others, AOC included, might not have endorsed her for a number of reasons. Bush’s opponent signed on to Medicare for all and the Green New Deal, so perhaps there just wasn’t endorsement potential against the incumbent.

But Bernie might be doing something here. Though Bernie is clearly not our democratic nominee, is his influence manifesting in other ways? Are the people looking for candidates like him in our local areas? Or are we simply sick and tired of the Joe Bidens of the Democratic party?

Besides, our representatives should, well, represent us, right? Shouldn’t they reflect our experiences, our needs, and our dreams? Bernie endorsement aside, it looks like the American people on the left are sick of candidates who have wine cave fundraisers. Maybe, above all, we just want a representative we can trust to look out for what we really need. Not a posh lifestyle in politics.

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Written by Marina Martinez

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