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Dear Oatmeal, I Love You

Cover Photo by Margarita Zueva via Unsplash

I am ecstatic to announce that I have finally made it onto oatmeal TikTok, where raw oats and cooked oats alike are celebrated for their heartiness and reliability. There are few ingredients that have proven themselves as magnificently versatile as the almighty oat. For that, I am deeply and utterly grateful. 

Before we dive into the star of our show, let’s take a moment to appreciate oats in every form. I love a good handful of raw oats just as much as the next girl – it’s the perfect satiating snack that powered me through my freshman year of college. (You say “chalky,” I say “strongly textured.”) Oats also shine in granola! Here, their munchable, crunchable potential really comes into play. Whether you prefer your granola heavily laden with pecans and chocolate chips or minimalistically smattered with a couple of dried apricots, there’s simply no denying that this staple is an absolute stunner. If neither of these options fit your fancy, perhaps you’re an overnight oats devotee. (Props to you. I bet you’re also the type of person who lays out your clothes the night before work.)

Meanwhile, oatmeal is fantastic fare that just cannot be outdone. Even within oatmeal itself, there is room for immense creativity and experimentation. Make it thick or make it watery. Cook it in the microwave or on the stovetop. Stir in some peanut butter if you like it creamy or throw in some nuts if you crave a crunch. There is no shortage of ways to switch up this easy dish. It’s ideal for both novices and seasoned kitchen creators. 

Oatmeal is ideal for any time of day. It gets me excited to embark on each day’s journey. I can chef up a bowl for breakfast, and it’s still an excellently rewarding lunch after a long morning. Oatmeal can even be a prime ingredient in your favorite dinner dish – check out these savory oatmeal recipes from Well + Good. 

As if being delicious wasn’t already enough, oats are a wonderful and nutritious fuel. They help decrease cholesterol for a healthier heart thanks to their beta glucan content. They’re packed with fiber to keep you feeling full all through the daily grind. Additionally, oats contain avenanthramides, an antioxidant group that aids in lessening inflammation. Get this – oats are the only food where you can find these avenanthramides. (Unless, of course, you’re up for eating butterfly eggs or carnations that have been tainted by fungus.)

In a world that is remarkably wrought with change, I know that I can always count on my daily oatmeal for a boost of serotonin to start off my day. I wholeheartedly and helplessly adore oats in every form, and I am eternally grateful for their existence. 

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Cover Photo by Margarita Zueva via Unsplash

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Written by Megan Pontin

Enthusiastic word-collector, avid pancake-consumer, and experienced hammock-lounger. Student at Cornell University.

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