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Did Annabelle Disappear?

Annabelle via Film Daily

Image from Film Daily.

Annabelle’s story grew in popularity after the release of the 2014 movie Annabelle. Legend has it a nurse in the ‘70s got the doll as a gift, and while it seemed like any regular raggedy Ann doll, strange things started happening. The doll would change positions and move by itself, and the owner started finding notes on parchment paper. She enlisted the help of a medium who conducted a seance and found the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle inhabiting the doll. They gave it permission to stay, and boy was that a bad move. Turns out, the doll was not possessed by a human spirit, but an alleged inhuman spirit (aka probably a demon). So, yeah, glad I don’t own dolls anymore.

On August 14, rumors started swirling that the doll had disappeared from its sealed case in the Warren Occult Museum, and the topic trended on Twitter. Naturally, the prospect of a demon in a doll’s body out and about in the midst of a pandemic provided plenty of inspiration for people, who joked about the doll’s adventures and provided lots of entertainment for everyone stuck inside:












However, there’s no need to fret. The whole situation was just a big misunderstanding and things got, quite literally, lost in translation. Here’s a video debunking the myth and explaining where the rumors came from. Nevertheless, while Annabelle may still be safely tucked away in the paranormal museum (or, more accurately, we’re safe from her in the outside world), the memes that came out of this were certainly worth the scare.

  • Where’s Annabelle At This Moment?

    • Back in her case, I hope…
    • She’s behind me…right?


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