Ed Markey Won. Is Pelosi’s Endorsement a Death Sentence?

We’re back at it again with another progressive win. Last time I covered a progressive victory, Cori Bush disrupted the establishment through her victory in Missouri.

This time, our man Ed Markey — who has served as the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts since 2013 — ended up victorious against Rep. Joe Kennedy. This win is, to me, a shock. Markey was looking like a bit of a hot mess at the beginning of this year. He was hardly able to get enough signatures to make it on the ballot, he missed quite a few votes in the senate during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and his re-election prospects looked a bit grim.

Especially running against a Kennedy (remember, a Kennedy has has never been defeated in Massachusetts before) it seemed that Markey might not be able to pull through.

Alas, Markey received that sweet, sweet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsement. Tons of other progressive groups and grassroots community organizers followed suit.

Even better yet, Nancy Pelosi endorsed Joe Kennedy. If anything is exciting to the left, it’s a Nancy Pelosi endorsement. Because Pelosi wholly represents the old, stuffy Democratic party, folks often like to share that they are voting against her endorsements. Perhaps she should pull some reverse psychology and keep endorsements to herself.

It seems there’s a clout war here. Candidates who receive a progressive endorsement from the AOCs and the Bernie Sanders of the political sphere have been doing remarkably well. If either of those two want a candidate in office, the people might follow their every wish.

The same might go for Nancy Pelosis and Joe Bidens of the Democratic party. Lots of liberals still want a vision that corresponds with theirs, and might look straight to their endorsements.

But if we look at recent elections, it seems that the progressive movement is gaining some momentum.

  • Are endorsements crucial to candidate wins?

    • Yes
    • No


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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