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F2020 Is 2020’s Best Song

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2020 sucks. 

You know we’ve all been thinking it, so it’s time to say it out loud. Better yet, it’s time to sing it. Avenue Beat has turned this morbidly depressing year into a bop that memorializes our collective pain and unrest: F2020.



I’m going to say it again: 2020 sucks. That mere fact has been the undercurrent mood lining the majority of my thoughts this year. This year has been an unforgiving and unrelenting wake-up call. Yet I’m still struggling to get out of bed. Anyone else? 

Avenue Beat certainly feels this way. Between civil unrest, COVID-19, growing wildfires, the election — 2020 knows no bounds of awful. Or maybe it does. After all, the COVID quarantine has forced us to finally look at ourselves. While things have certainly gotten worse since 2016, a fairly clear trajectory becomes evident once you examine it. Still though, that’s no reason to give up.

Avenue Beat could have easily made F2020 into a depressing sad-girl song. Instead they made a bouncy hit reminiscent of sitting in your parents’ basement. While that obviously sounds depressing, Avenue Beat’s tone reminds you that you are not alone. Avenue Beat is sitting in that basement with you. Is anyone really currently thriving at 100%?

In the midst of any event this year, good or bad, it’s impossible not to remember the state of our global community. Which is shot. Our global community is shot. 

F2020 is an anthem. Literally no other song released this year will capture 2020 the way F2020 does. It paints the big picture while also hitting home right in our hearts. 

Avenue Beat also gave us our first listen to F2020 through TikTok — where it blew up — earlier this summer before the song was even finished. What a fitting entrance to the best song of the year.

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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