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Will you be heading back to the gym after quarantine?

Photo by Christian Fregnan via Unsplash

Gyms and fitness centers across the country have closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, so workout fiends have had to make do on their own. Fitness enthusiasts have swapped out long rows of ellipticals for basements or bedrooms, bringing along challenges and conveniences alike.

Many people have turned to YouTube for their fitness fix. Chloe Ting, for example, has garnered almost 10 million subscribers with her free workouts. This video, part of her “2 Weeks Shred Challenge,” has been viewed over 145 million times. 

Larger organizations have also seized the opportunity to grow their consumer bases. In a recent interview with TIME, Peloton CEO John Foley discussed the effectiveness of a 90-day free trial in drawing users to the platform. While the company is known best for its stationary bikes and virtual spin classes, it also offers treadmills, clothing, and other fitness equipment. 

Also in the home fitness space is Mirror, which prides itself on being “the nearly invisible home gym.” This product allows users to see their reflection as they follow along with an instructor on the screen. Classes range from meditation to kickboxing, dance cardio, kettlebell, and beyond. 

Tonal is another major player in this market. Using artificial intelligence, Tonal offers an automated weight-lifting experience that accommodates the user’s specific needs and abilities. Like The Mirror, Tonal is mounted on the wall so as to blend into customers’ homes. 

Whether your workout of choice is Peloton or pilates, working out from your abode is notably convenient. There’s no need to worry about beating the traffic to get to Zumba class or scouting for a treadmill that’s not out of order. You can pick the perfect time to get your sweat on without being limited by gym hours or class schedules. No one is watching you (except for maybe a curious pet or judgemental sibling), and so you are freed from feeling self-conscious. 

While there are clearly several options on the market for those looking to stay active at home, doing so isn’t always easy. For example, the group motivation aspect is largely absent from the home workout scenario. When you’re doing pushups on the floor in your kitchen, you’re isolated. You’re not feeling the energy of other people doing the same thing around you, working towards similar goals and sharing similar passions. Additionally, for many patrons the gym is just as much about exercise as it is about socializing, an aspect that home fitness doesn’t really offer. 

Do you plan on heading back to the gym after quarantine, or is working out at home more your style? Take the poll below and let us know!

Photo by Christian Fregnan via Unsplash

  • Will you be heading back to the gym after quarantine?

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