Is a One Direction Reunion on the Horizon?

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Directioners everywhere are buzzing with the anticipation of a possible One Direction reunion on July 23. This date marks an entire decade since the band’s genesis on TheX Factor, the United Kingdom singing competition sensation that also brought us stars like James Arthur and Little Mix. Should you go dig your “Up All Night” tour t-shirt from 2012 out of your closet, or is this rumor all talk?

The band will supposedly unveil a new website on July 23, meant to remind One Direction devotees of the group’s glory days. The site is rumored to showcase the legendary tunes, appearance videos, and other moments that made us fall in love with this iconic quintet in the first place. We’re still unsure whether or not we’ll see any new material on this site, but it should be a welcome walk down memory lane if nothing else. We all know that the real 1D fans have already scoured the interwebs and watched close to every existing YouTube video on the subject anyway.

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Back in April, many pointed to Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall’s refollowing of Zayn on Twitter as evidence that the musicians are forming a cohesive whole once again. In an interview with The Sun also in April, Liam mentioned that several ideas were up in the air for a way to commemorate the special day.

Of course, members of One Direction are not strangers to cryptic buildups. Prior to the release of Harry Styles’ second solo album “Fine Line” at the end of 2019, for example, Styles’ team devised a clever scheme to tease the video for one of the three singles. Hordes of Styles’ fans noticed advertisements for the imaginary island of “Eroda” on various media platforms in November. Before long, they discovered that the false destination was actually concocted for the promotion of the song “Adore You.” (Check the backwards spelling of “adore.”) The video was later published in December, set on the isle of Eroda.

Regardless of what we can actually expect on Thursday, fans are excited about the prospects. #ThankYouNiall danced around Twitter’s trending page on Tuesday, much like Niall himself has been known to dance excitedly across the stage during performances. (If you need a reminder, check out this video of Niall showing off his best Irish jig.)

Do you think that we’ll see a One Direction reunion on July 23? Keep us posted on your thoughts in the polls below.

Cover Photo by Chris Lawton via Unsplash

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