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Is “Hannah Montana” The OG Finsta?
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Pretty much everyone has a social media presence these days. However, there is no other social media platform with the same duality of community like Instagram. Most young Instagram users have both a “rinsta” and a “finsta.” A “rinsta” is one’s “real instagram,” while a “finsta is one’s “fake instagram.” Ironically, rinstas are always faker than finstas, which are always much realer than rinstas.

Following someone’s finsta probably means you’re a part of an inner circle. Posts typically consist of memes and/or selfies that one wouldn’t want all their followers to see — just their real friends. Usually life updates and everyday musings accompany these posts. Curating a “rinsta,” however, is a much more selective process. Captions accompanying these posts do not brag or express self doubt, instead they’re created with the intention of coming across as cute and clever. A “rinsta” paints a pretty, presentable picture of one’s life — yet this is the “real” Instagram account.

This is the entire concept of Hannah Montana.

We all know the classic Disney Channel show. Miley Cyrus plays normal, teenage girl Miley Stewart, who is also global popstar Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is the persona the world sees, the persona Miley Stewart wants the public to see — the rinsta. Miley Stewart’s real and complete identity is a secret deserved for the knowledge of a special select few — the finsta. Hannah Montana invites the world to see the facade beneath the rinsta and understand it through it’s finsta: Miley Stewart.

If you have a finsta, does it make you feel like you’re leading a double life? If so, doesn’t that feel awfully similar to the premise of Hannah Montana? Just saying.

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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