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Is the Hospitality Industry Going to be Okay?

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn via Unsplash

If you had any travel plans for this summer, chances are they’re not happening anymore. Sure, this is unfortunate for you, but it’s also incredibly unfortunate for the hospitality industry as a whole. We are left to wonder – will the hospitality industry be able to survive this?

Hotels have visibly struggled during the pandemic, with the lack of consumer demand bringing many companies to a near standstill. Industry giant Hilton Hotels has cut over 20% of the employees in its corporate department. Hyatt Hotels Corporation has also had to cope with the challenge, having seen a 262.8% plummet in net income for the first quarter. 

Regardless of the current hardship, industry professionals are optimistic about the future. The American Hotel and Lodging Association has unveiled a potential “Roadmap for Recovery,” which includes tax credits to provide hotel personnel with PPE. 

COVID-19 has also been destructive for major players in the travel industry. Back in April, Conde Nast Traveler reported that roughly 50% of the world’s airplanes were being kept out of the air. As planes begin to become more crowded now, however, politicians and passengers alike have called for a set of overarching preventative regulations. The CDC has also released a wealth of resources for traveling safely, including both domestic and international travel.

Cruise ships have long had a reputation of being hotbeds for sickness, particularly the norovirus. In the COVID-19 era, this fear has only been magnified. Additionally, thousands of cruise line employees have not been allowed back on land and are not getting paid, neither of which are helping to keep these companies favorable among consumers. 

Restaurants have also been hit hard. For many establishments, takeout simply cannot encompass the entire dining experience. It’s difficult to convey a restaurant’s atmosphere and signature service with curbside pickup. Business owners have had to think carefully about how to balance brand continuity with efficiency. 

Do you think the hospitality industry will be able to bounce back anytime soon? Let us know in the poll below. 

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn via Unsplash

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