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It’s Time to Stop Being Ashamed of Your “Basic” Music Taste

Photo by Sergio Ruiz via Unsplash

Are you fed up with being roasted for your “basic” music taste? Yeah, me too. It’s about time we stop feeling so down and start standing behind the tunes we love, unapologetically.

To my veritable chagrin, I recently learned that Tame Impala and Wallows are not nearly as obscure as I thought. This realization seriously shook me to my core. Here I was, thinking I had discovered the next generation of groundbreaking artists, when in reality all my playlists looked like nearly identical carbon copies of Spotify’s “Bedroom Pop” playlist.

Sure, sometimes it’s nice to be the one who actually uncovers a new song. In a twisted sort of way, it can be special to know every lyric when your friends haven’t even heard of the band. When we listen outside of the mainstream canon, what we get is a feeling of adventure! We become musical trailblazers and pioneers of rhythm. As an additional plus, the concert tickets also tend to be cheaper. 

“Basic” music, however, is easy to share. When we listen to popular songs posed at the forefront of the moment, we harness the full power of music as a uniting entity. We relish in the joy of having people from several generations and backgrounds recognize and enjoy a singular song. In this way, “basic” music creates common ground for us to connect on a profound level with those we may never have connected with in the first place. Cueing up “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County may fail to prove that you’re on the edge of a musical revelation, but it will likely allow you to strike up and strengthen bonds with those around you.

In my view, the essential point is that you should listen to music that fuels you. Don’t tie yourself down to artists you think will set you apart when all you really want to do is shuffle Ariana Grande and crank up the stereo to full volume. When did it become cool to hate on certain pieces of music for the very fact that they are liked by a lot of people, and then hate on the people that listen? If you ask me, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea that I may never be an authentic indie kid. Maybe, though, that’s alright.

Photo by Sergio Ruiz via Unsplash

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Written by Megan Pontin

Enthusiastic word-collector, avid pancake-consumer, and experienced hammock-lounger. Student at Cornell University.

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