Please, Let’s Bring Back the Tracksuit

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I’d like to make a pitch for the revival of the tracksuit on an epic scale. Winter is right around the corner, and there is simply no better time to stock our wardrobes with the comfiest, coziest, most coordinated genre of clothing to have ever been produced en masse. If Robert Pattison can do it, we might as well give it a go too, right? 

Allow me to begin by highlighting a handful of qualities that make the tracksuit the ideal candidate for your year-end uniform. Beyond the obvious fact that they are among the most freeing pieces of clothing out there, they offer a greater sense of presentability and composure than a simple (but classic) sweatshirt-sweatpants combo. There’s a certain element of polish to a tracksuit that a simple pair of leggings or joggers just can’t boast in the same way. 

In short, tracksuits fall swiftly into the category of athleisure, a style classification that encompasses pieces that offer the freedom to move and to hit the town. This duality is perhaps the most laudable property of the tracksuit — it looks just as great it feels.

Sure, we’ve had some iconic celebrity tracksuit moments in recent years. Kate Middleton, Armie Hammer, Kendall Jenner, and Rhianna are just a smattering of the stars that have helped to edge the clothing into the public spotlight. Still, we’ve yet to arrive at the widespread tracksuit devotion I’m looking to see. 

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Allow me to jog your memory (pun intended) for a moment as we take a figurative journey back to the zenith of the tracksuit era. Nestled into the low-rise jeans and tube tops of the early 2000s is where we find the piece in its element. Juicy Couture, likely the style’s most salient producer, is pushing soft and candy-colored apparel apparel that could be yours for just under $200 apiece. 

However, many cite the 2008 recession as a catalyst for more modest, austere fashion choices — a paradigm shift that didn’t exactly bode well for the brand. Authentic Brands Group acquired the company in 2013, subsequently closing shops across the United States. The company needed some time to determine a new direction for Juicy Couture. In what seemed like a premature conversion from present to past, the Juicy tracksuit even joined the ranks of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum for an exhibition back in 2016. 

To my amusement and intrigue, we’re seeing some innovation in the tracksuit sphere that might soon take off on the scale I’m seeking. Check out this stunning piece from Gucci or this eye-catching (and more affordable) set from Adidas. Pretty cool, right?

Do you crave a return to the days when tracksuits reigned? Let us know in the poll below!

Cover Photo by David Gavi via Unsplash

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