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RBG’s Supreme Court Seat

Supreme Court of the United States / Public domain

Our lord and savior, Ruth Bader Ginsburg — bless her soul, RIP —  previously shared plans to retire in 2023 at the age of 90. Yet, on September 18, 2020 news broke that our WOMAN, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the (notorious) R.B.G., died due to pancreatic cancer complications. 

Because our woman, though a true superhero, was only human. 

Ginsburg’s health had been ailing for quite some time. Back in 2018, Ginsburg fought against lung cancer, marking her third fight with the disease. While Ginsburg claimed she was completely cancer-free earlier this year in January, her cancer re-emerged late this July. 

Nevertheless, Ginsburg persisted, remaining on the Supreme Court through her treatment. Ginsburg served on the Supreme Court since the Clinton administration in 1993. She fought the good fight for even longer, standing for gender equality, women’s rights, and LGBTQ rights. No doubt Ginsburg’s name will continue to be associated with these causes and the victories she brought them. 

That being said, we must recognize that the most effective way to honor RBG is by moving forward through our mourning. We must continue fighting for the state of the country, just like she always did. And she always did so without trepidation, even when times were tough. Just take a look at her iconic workoutsthat’s superhero behavior. 

Times right now are certainly tough, frightening, unhinged — you name it. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat  — a seat that has long championed the liberal agenda —  is up for grabs. So far the Trump administration has sworn in two new Associate Justices: Neil Gorusch and Brett Kavanaugh

Gorsuch is a notorious pro-lifer. No matter one’s feelings on abortion, it’s important to remember that reproductive rights are not a man’s issue. Men should not be in charge of telling women what they can or cannot do with their bodies. 

With Kavanaugh’s nomination arose the knowledge of plenty of sexual misconduct allegations made against him. Kavanaugh denies all allegations, demonstrating yet another case of rampant victim blaming and survivor disbelief in the United States.

Who might the Trump administration swear in next? Amidst this approaching election season, filling this seat has now become a top priority for the president. The Trump administration’s conservative candidates ultimately tip the ratio of our Supreme Court to lean further right. Right now, at this very moment, the court is split 5-3, conservative leaning. Acquiring another conservative judge will only further tilt U.S. ideology out of its already fragile balance. 

The Supreme Court is unique to the United States government promising “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.” It is more important than ever that we preserve its promise in its representative make up. The final arbiters of our law must reflect the diverse school of thought and population within the United States. Otherwise, it’s not really a democracy, is it? And if that’s the case then we’re doing RBG real dirty. 

May Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace and power, and may we keep fighting to actively honor her memory.

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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