Reusable Period Products

Photo by Gabrielle Rocha Rios on Unsplash
Photo by Gabrielle Rocha Rios on Unsplash

On average, a menstruating individual will go through 11,000 disposable period products in their lifetime—most likely tampons and/or pads. That’s a lot of waste. Not to mention that many of these popular, disposable options contain exotoxins like streptococcus and staphylococcus, which are directly related to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). While TSS is considered a rare condition, that’s still a lot of risk. And an expensive one. On average, women spend over $6,000 on period products.

Luckily, many new, reusable period products have been becoming more popular on the menstruation market! While I haven’t tried all of these products myself, I can say with confidence that these options are most certainly a smart investment. Do the math: $50 on a reusable disc, cup, or a few pairs of period underwear, for a lifetime? Or at least a few good years? Versus $6,000? Sounds like a deal to me. Let’s dive into the options.  


Period Underwear

These are exactly what they sound like: underwear you wear during your period. Except this underwear is cute and meant for stains, even though it’s actually stain resistant. Most pairs average an absornency of 2 regular sized tampons. You literally don’t have to do anything except put them on, and then you’re set!

I want a pair of period underwear so bad! While THINX is the most popular period underwear brand out there, plenty of other brands exist. It’s all preference. 


Menstrual Discs

This option is a newer one. Maybe you’ve seen ads for Flex or SoftDisc, which are actually owned by the same company! Menstrual discs require a little bit of folding up before insertion and adjustment during insertion. These discs sit up against your uterus, and seal themselves in behind your pubic bone. This whole process definitely requires you to get a little bit more comfortable with your private parts, but that’s one aspect I’ve actually really enjoyed. Also, fun fact: they allow mess-free period sex. 

Now I can tell you, I love menstrual discs! I cannot feel them in my body at all, it’s amazing. While it is a little difficult to get them out, it is getting better with practice. I plan on getting a reusable disc! There are so many options! 


Menstrual Cups 

I believe menstrual cups work similarly to menstrual discs. You fold it up before insertion, and then it sits in your vaginal canal just like a tampon. And even though it’s not a contest, they did come first.

I’ll be straight up though, I’m never going to put a menstrual cup in my body. They scare me, and I like my discs. I’m not trying to damage this business, it’s just not for me. It is still a much cheaper option. Another one-time purchase! And leading brands like DivaCup are truly admirable in their philanthropic work regarding issues of period poverty and menstruation equity. If you’re most interested in menstrual cups, click here to get a more informed assessment.

  • Which reusable product do you want to try most?

    • Period Underwear
    • Menstrual Discs
    • Menstrual Cups


Written by Nina Slowinski

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