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Hand Sanitizer VS Soap

Hand sanitizer has become incredibly difficult to come by during COVID-19. Yet, stores remain stocked with plenty of unsold bar soap. While the CDC instructs Americans to wash their hands as frequently as possible, many Americans have begun substituting soap with hand sanitizer. So, what is the difference? And, is hand sanitizer really a full-fledged replacement for soap?

According to the CDC, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the most effective way to reduce the presence of germs and chemicals on the skin.

In order to effectively kill bacteria and germs hand sanitizers must contain an alcohol concentration of at least 60-percent. And even then the conditions of your surroundings can still easily affect its working potential. For example, if you sit down for a meal or spent the day working outside, the CDC strongly suggests taking the time to wash your hands with soap and water instead of quickly rubbing in some hand sanitizer. Additionally, it is important to remember to allow hand sanitizer the time to dry in order for it to work. Still, hand sanitizer is overall a much faster, more accessible fix – when you can find it in stores.

The convenience of hand sanitizer should not replace the act of washing your hands. Hand sanitizer is best used for on-the-go instances like running errands, when you have neither the time nor the resources to wash your hands. Also, hand sanitizer dries out my skin way quicker than soap and I am very committed to skin care.

  • How do you clean your hands?

    • Soap and water all the way
    • I prefer hand sanitizer


Written by Nina Slowinski

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