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Sports Books Are Betting on How Ghislaine Maxwell Will Die

Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announces charges against Ghislaine Maxwell. Photo Credit: Reuters
Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announces charges against Ghislaine Maxwell. Photo Credit: Reuters

Only a short 10-minute drive from where I write this, Ghislaine Maxwell sits in her 10-by-12-foot cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, contemplating her next move.

Arrested at her New Hampshire mansion on Thursday July 2nd, Maxwell was transported to New York on charges of conspiracy, facilitation, and participation of sexually abusing minors, as well as perjury stemming from a 2016 deposition. Maxwell’s lawyers call these charges “meritless”. During a bail hearing on July 10th, her lawyers asked for a $5 million bond to be set. While stating that the risk of COVID-19 puts their client at personal risk, prosecutors argue that she is an extreme flight risk due to her immense wealth, multiple passports, and extensive international ties and should remain in custody until trial.

As the world reacts to Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, many are speculating what is next for the alleged pedophile.

Reports from Page Six reveal that Maxwell is willing to give up the names of dozens of high profile individuals who fraternized with Jeffrey Epstein and took part in the alleged pedophile ring. Powerful people, including Victoria’s Secret Owner Les Wexner, Prince Andrew, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and President Bill Clinton are just some of the names that are expected to be outed by Maxwell.

That is, of course, if she makes it to trial.

For those familiar with the case, it should come as no surprise that people are skeptical of Ghislaine’s chances of surviving until her trial. Prior to the death of her ex-boyfriend and co-conspirator a year ago, many expected Epstein’s days were numbered. The internet was rife with conspiracies stating that Epstein’s alleged associates, namely the Clintons, would have him killed before he could make it to trial. Despite being on suicide watch at the time of his death, it was discovered that the cameras monitoring Epstein’s cell were not working, nor were the cameras covering the hallway outside of his cell.


Jeffrey Epstein’s cell following his death. Just a totally normal amount of sheets for a prisoner on suicide watch to have. Nothing to see here. Photo Credit: 60 Minutes


In order to prevent a repeat of Epstein’s alleged “suicide,” staff at MDC have taken the precautionary measure of placing Maxwell on suicide watch, replacing the typical prison garb with paper clothing and confiscating anything that could be used to kill herself, including bedsheets. According to a source in the New York Post, the former socialite will be held in maximum security, with double security detail, and constantly under camera surveillance. “They want to make sure she’ll stand trial… the Bureau of Prisons doesn’t want another ‘black eye’.” The Post source stated.

If you are feeling frisky, you can even gamble on the trial’s outcome and Ghislaine Maxwell’s fate. Bettors and sports books have begun taking bets on whether Ghislaine will testify at the trial, who she will out as a conspirator, if she will survive until the trail, and even how she might die in prison.

As if this story couldn’t get any crazier, new theories have come out this week that one of the most prolific accounts on Reddit is controlled by Ghislaine Maxwell. The user, /u/maxwellhill, has the 8th most karma in the history of Reddit at nearly 15 million total points. /u/maxwellhill is a moderator in a number of popular subreddits, including r/worldnews, r/travel, r/health, r/environment, and r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut, among others.

Additionally, dates the user did not post coincide with significant dates in Maxwell’s life, including the death of her mother and parties that she was known to have attended. The once daily poster has not been active since July 1st, one day prior to Maxwell’s arrest. If that wasn’t enough, the user’s post history matches Ghislaine to a tee, with posts and comments that call for the legalization of child pornography and argue for the repeal of child protection laws.

Previously, we asked readers whether or not Ghislaine Maxwell will give up names of associates that took part in her alleged child prostitution ring alongside Jeffrey Epstein. The results tallied at 50% Yes and 50% No. While we do not know for certain what the future holds for the story of the century, let us hope that those responsible will be brought to justice and their victims will find restitution.

Let us know what you think about the ongoing case in the poll below.

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Written by Matt Sullivan

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