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Why We Stan Halle Berry
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While the entertainment industry regularly talks about wanting to create diverse and inclusive stories, it’s not something we often see. Especially in regards to the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Did you watch Netflix’s new documentary, Disclosure



I bet you: Halle Berry did this past weekend. Because Halle Berry just did something that many artists in the entertainment industry rarely do. After multiple call outs on social media after discussing a new project where Berry could have played a trans man, she pulled out of the role completely. 

Rather than passively listen to the transgender community, Berry actively listened, learned, apologized and took action.


Hopefully, Berry’s actions have pushed this undisclosed project to prioritize accurate representation. Time will tell. Right now though, let’s just take a moment to celebrate this small milestone. This is an excellent example of “Cancel Culture” elements working to turn mistakes into learning opportunities that make a positive, progressive impact. 

I’m used to public figures in the entertainment industry apologizing,  whether they’re singing “Imagine” or claiming, “I take responsibility.” It’s common to see celebrities apologize in fear of losing fans or relevancy, but it’s always after the damage is done. The truth, though, is that apologizes are not enough. Empathy is not allyship.  

Seeing Halle Berry turn down a role in order to make room for other underrepresented communities to be able to see themselves is inspiring. I’m not used to seeing artists turn down opportunities, ever. But I’m not surprised that this artist taking action is a Black woman. Do you stan Halle Berry?

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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