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The Redskins’ Name Change Is More Complicated Than You Thought

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The long-time controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins namesake may soon be ending.

The recent movements against racial injustice have brought the Redskins name into the spotlight once again. And it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. In just the last week, Amazon, Nike, and Target pulled Redskins merchandise from their stores and websites. A number of corporate sponsors have formerly called for the name to be changed. Currently FedEx, who owns the naming rights for the Redskins’ stadium, leads the charge for a change among Washington’s major sponsors.

It is well known that Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, is firmly against changing the team’s name. During previous attempts, Snyder told USA Today in 2013, “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

Now, with millions of dollars on the line, Snyder and the Redskins’ front office have been forced to deliberate on a new name.

Ron Rivera, Washington’s new head coach, told the Washington Post that while it’s not in his paygrade to discuss the issue, he hopes it is dealt with prior to the beginning of the season. As not to distract from the game.

Simply changing the name in order to remain politically correct isn’t the only issue with the proposal. Any changes to a team’s jersey or name always comes at a massive cost.

According to one consultant, who has worked with several franchises, the name change alone is expected to cost roughly $10 million. That includes changing stadium branding, on-field signs, and even employee business cards.

Costs will be incurred by the same sponsors who are calling for the name change. Companies like Amazon and Nike are expected to lose millions in unsold merchandise. Fan’s wallets can also expect to be hit, as they will be expected to buy new merchandise with the new team name and/or colors.

Other professional sports teams are feeling the heat as well. In 2018, the Cleveland Indians quietly removed their longtime mascot, Chief Wahoo, from all uniforms and signage. Despite this, the team’s namesake continues to draw criticism from Native American civil rights groups, who have called the name a misrepresentation of indigenous people that promotes prejudice and ignorance.

A number of names are being considered as a replacement for the Redskins. Let us know in the below poll which name you like the most.

  • Which Name Is The Best Replacement For The Redskins?

    • The Warriors
    • The Redtails
    • The Veterans
    • The Federals
    • The Renegades
    • The Pigskins


Written by Matt Sullivan

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