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There’s A Site To Tell If Your McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Is Broken

A tale as old as time: you pull up to your local McDonald’s craving a McFlurry, a nice ice cream cone, a milkshake, what have you. Looking forward to the frosty treat that awaits, you place your order. You’re then met with a crushing “we can’t make your McFlurry right now — the ice cream machine is broken.” What a tragic ending.

This scenario is so common that countless memes have been made describing the horror of the broken McDonald’s ice cream machine.

Seriously, just search up “McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Broke” on Twitter and people still joke about it on the daily.

This has gotten so out of hand, an employee even popped up explaining the motif of the broken ice cream machine last year:

Obviously, this theme is a massive deal. But if you don’t want to be let down when you’ve got a hankering for a milkshake, have no fear. Mcbroken has your back. Creator Rashiq Zahid has tracked down every single McDonald’s in the U.S. and monitored exactly which ice cream machines are broken in your area. What a bold solution to the main problem our generation faces.

Thumbnail by Shahbaz Ali via Unsplash.

  • Have you ever endured the broken McDonald’s ice cream machine?

    • Yes, obviously
    • No (I’m lying)


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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