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There are very few celebrities who I truly fangirl over. Jane Fonda is number one on that list. There are numerous reasons to love her, and especially after watching Jane Fonda in Five Acts and Feminists: What Were They Thinking? I can’t help but stan. Here’s why Jane Fonda is the true GOAT:

Her Part in the Climate Fight

Jane Fonda knows that sticking it to the man is exactly how we get things done. I’m sure you’ve heard about her history of civil disobedience. At 81, she was arrested for protesting our abhorrent climate policies. She still recognizes the importance of direct action. Hell, she’s even written a book on what we can do to “save lives and species on an unimaginable scale.” We stan this environmentalist hard.

Discourse on Feminism

Jane Fonda has had a long grapple with the patriarchy. It’s especially clear to see that if you give Jane Fonda in Five Acts a watch. What’s really inspiring about her feminist journey, though,  is that she’s totally admitted that sometimes it’s difficult to face women’s issues head-on. Regarding feminism, Fonda said “it took me 30 years to get it, but it’s OK to be a late bloomer, as long as you don’t miss the flower show.” Those are absolute facts. We’re all learning and navigating our own experiences. And we love that she’s not afraid to admit that.

She’s Always Been Ahead of Her Time :’)

Jane Fonda has been an unapologetic activist for decades now. Aligning with the Black Panther Party, adamantly protesting the Vietnam War, standing with Native American protestors in the ‘70s, championing women’s right to choose, the list goes on. There’s nothing more admirable than someone who has advocated for marginalized people throughout their entire life. Jane Fonda is one of those activists, and we love her for it.

Jane Fonda’s still here. She’s fighting for the climate. She’s enhancing our feminist discussions. She’s advocating for peace. And she’s speaking out against white privilege. I totally admire those in the public eye who use their platforms in such incredible ways, and I’d love to see more of it in years to come.

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Written by Marina Martinez

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