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This is a Steve Kornacki Stan Article

This might become a theme. Last time we tuned into my stan article antics, they was all about Jane Fonda. Now, I’ve got to hand it to Steve Kornacki for giving us the election content we all needed.

I mean, this man doesn’t stop. From the very beginning of the election, he was ready. Clipboard in hand, touch screen at the ready, Kornacki is there for us. He’s still out here, giving the American people all of the information we need while easing our worries of impending doom.

His colleagues state they’ve never seen him eat or drink. NBC literally had to force him out of the newsroom so he could have a nap with blankets and warm milk. Steve Kornacki stops at nothing.

On election night, I was hardly able to keep my eyes open but that man went on with straight facts for, like, eight hours straight.

What’s more, he’s not even done yet. He recently tweeted this:

Unstoppable. What a man.

Seriously, Steve Kornacki is for the people and I hope he doesn’t leave us and disappear off into the abyss after election day. Sure, this election has been complete panic and utter shit, but those rolled up sleeves, flailing arms, and khakis on the Kornacki cam have single-handedly made this wait a little less horrific.

  • Who was the real winner of the 2020 election: Steve Kornacki or Joe Biden?

    • Kornacki Baybeeeee
    • I mean, Biden obviously


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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