Tie Dye Is Officially Back

Image by Karol Olson from Pixabay

Popular during the 60s-70s and 2000s children summer camps, tie dye is back in style! No longer just a novelty, tie dye has become high fashion. Seriously. Techniques are being applied to denim and satin, into acid washes — like I said, tie dye is high fashion. We want to know: does the return of tie dye have you feeling psyched or not? 

As we’ve all been locked up during corona, tie dye is a fun and easy DIY activity that gets us off the couch and out of the house. Of course, you can also tie dye indoors, but, warning, that will likely result in a bigger mess to clean up. Overall though, there’s no wrong way to tie dye — think of it as the “Bob Ross” of fashion: “No mistakes, only happy accidents.” 

What else is so great about tie dye? It’s perfect protest attire. Today’s fight against systemic racism is far from over by the way. Tie dye’s popularity back in the 60’s relates to the hippies’ counterculture lifestyle: a strong rejection of societal norms and a desire for free self expression. Sound familiar? History really does repeat itself. 

The tie dye process is always unpredictable. No tie dye creations will ever be exactly like, ensuring individuality in their very creation. While some may love its built-in random variability, others may dislike it for that very reason. Just remember to keep an open mind. After all, that is the most important part of the tie dye process. 

Personally, I fully support this trend. To me, tie dye represents freedom and emphasizes creativity. Also, like I said earlier, it’s a super fun and easy way to kill coronavirus boredom that totally upcycles your closet. I cannot help but recommend that everyone gives it a try.

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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