TikTok Teens Troll Trump

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This is why I said TikTok Radiates Vine Energy, But Better.

Before Donald Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally originally scheduled to be on Juneteenth, Mary-Jo Laupp took to TikTok to relay a brilliant idea to the platform: asking viewers, “Did you know you can make sure there are empty seats at Trump’s rally?” She gathered over 1.7 million views, prompting others to book tickets and immediately reply “STOP” to Trump campaign messages.

@maryjolauppDid you know you can make sure there are empty seats at Trump’s rally? ##BLM.

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Boy, did Gen Z and K-pop stans take this idea and run with it.

After the video got some traction, several other TikTokers shared the plan to reserve two free tickets, bringing the campaign to boast that 800,000 people registered to attend the rally. Here’s the kicker: only 6,200 showed up to an arena meant for 19,200. The arena used to host Trump’s rally was only about 1/3 full, leaving the upper level almost entirely empty. A stage for Trump that was placed outside meant for overflow was shamefully taken down. The plan worked.

@pastaboiiIM GONNA FUCKING SCREAM AAHAHHAHA WE DID IT YALL ##greenscreen ##Summer2020 #fucktrump♬ Vibe (If I Back It Up) – Cookiee Kawaii

Some mention that the Coronavirus might have had a larger role to play in Trump’s empty rally than the presence of false tickets, but does that mean we should discredit the power of social media pranks entirely? Between recent schemes to flood pro-police hashtags and K-pop videos jamming police department’s reporting apps, it looks like those who aren’t even eligible to vote yet are still trolling enough to cause a raucous.

Now, TikTok teens are organizing to mass-report Trump’s social media accounts. Is this going to be a trend? Can teens actually beat Trump in this way, or will his demise simply have to come from the ballot box? What do you think?

  • Are TikTok Teens Actually Making Conservatives’ Lives Harder?

    • Yes
    • Maybe marginally
    • Definitely not


Written by Marina Martinez

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