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Trader Joe’s VS Whole Foods

There are two major grocery chains with unparalleled health conscious attitudes: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Walking into a Whole Foods, somehow feels both rustic and post modern, like its sleek edges are made out of sanded down, freshly chopped wood.  Trader Joe’s a is a bit more rustic with thick, bulky crates and aisles of open freezers. Both chains style their storefronts in order to create a neighborhood grocery store feel amongst customers. Yet, every storefront is just another addition in these chains’ successful monopolies. No hate though. I, myself, am a major fan of both stores. Yet the question remains, which one does the public love more?

Obviously there are pro’s and cons to both.

While no other grocery chain’s produce section can compete with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s entire selection of products cannot (for the most part) be purchased anywhere else. And let’s be honest, Trader Joe’s products have garnered a bit of what some might call a cult following, especially whenever special seasonal items roll in.

Unlike Trader Joes though, Whole Foods has a hot food area in addition to a fresh bakery – which is most definitely of top notch in-store grocery restaurant quality. Trader Joe’s though, does have a free sample area where one can always pick up a quick snack and a tiny cup of complimentary coffee. And of course there are the price differences between the two. Part of Trader Joe’s mission statement to give its customers best deals possible, while Whole Food’s mission statement is more committed to supporting sustainable agriculture.

So, which store do you prefer – or are you strictly a Wegmans shopper? Or do you only shop at farmer’s markets? For myself, I have to say my preference is Trader Joe’s, but do you think I’m wrong?

  • Which grocery store do you prefer?

    • Trader Joe’s
    • Whole Foods
    • Neither!


Written by Nina Slowinski

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