When Did Trump Actually Test COVID Positive?

After countless dismissals of COVID’s gravity, Trump tested positive early Friday morning, October 2nd. Immediately our president was airlifted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for corona treatment.

How karmic. 

Trump’s diagnosis became public on Friday. However, his illness timeline does not track. Sean Conely, the president’s doctor, said that Trump is “72 hours into the diagnosis” as of Saturday, October 3. Meaning that the president may have first tested positive on Wednesday morning, the morning after the first presidential “debate.” Yet he still attended a campaign fundraiser at his Bedminster, NJ golf club on Thursday, October 1 — maskless, of course. 

The real question to ask though: could Trump have felt symptoms prior to Wednesday morning? Might he actually have tested positive for corona virus before the Tuesday night “debate?”

This is nothing but speculation and an evil claim, but might Trump have purposefully been looking to infect his opponent, Joe Biden? 

On account of his late arrival, Trump was not tested for corona virus before the Tuesday night “debate” took place. Source? Fox News anchor and debate moderator, Christopher Wallace, himself. 

The countless interruptions and personal attacks Trump elicited on Biden during the “debate” certainly doesn’t help eliminate this notion from the realm of possibility. Especially since during the “debate,” Trump completely avoiding swearing to honor the election’s outcome. It’s easy to see how Trump might think that winning would be much easier if his opponent suddenly had to drop out. Also! Let’s not forget that even when Trump won the 2016 General Election, he still accused Hilary Clinton of cheating for winning the popular vote. This type of behavior is exactly what we can expect from a “textbook narcissist.”

I’d like to think this theory is untrue, but how far off is it really?

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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