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#TrumpLiedandPeopleDied and #TrumpKnew were trending on Twitter this Wednesday, the 9th of September. Honestly, are we even shocked? 

Tapes of Trump’s conversations surrounding COVID-19 were released. And boy, what he said was harmful. Bob Woodward, an American investigative journalist known for reporting on the Watergate scandal, had a scandal-ridden conversation with Donald Trump about the severity of the Coronavirus. 

The recordings featured Trump saying some pretty jarring stuff, including “I always wanted to play it down, I still like playing it down” on the 19th of March. On the 7th of February, Trump admitted that “this is deadly stuff.”

But aside from these recordings, Trump publicly pretended that his apparent lack of response to the virus was a hoax. He pretended the heat would kill the virus off, and he pretended that COVID-19 was just a flu. And perhaps most famously, he insisted that COVID-19 was “going away” and “going to disappear.” 

Trump knew COVID was dangerous. He chose not to act. 

And Americans are facing real consequences for his actions. Almost 200,000 are dead. The economy is in shambles. People are listening to Trump’s blabbering and not wearing masks, not social distancing. His supporters might refuse a vaccine when the time comes. 

Trump knows he’s an authority figure. He knows that his supporters will follow what he says. He singlehandedly caused the politicization and severity of the Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. 

It’s a fatal mistake to think that Donald Trump is an idiot. But he admittedly puts on a great facade. And he knows that playing stupid allows him to make perilous mistakes and simply write them off. 

That’s the difference between Trump’s scandals and Watergate. Donald Trump has led his opposition to think that he’s simply incapable and unaware: that he can’t be helped or held accountable. He led his supporters to believe that he can do no wrong. This is all inexplicably dangerous, and we’ve really ought to hold him to a higher standard.

  • Are Trump’s continuous lies responsible for these people’s lives?

    • Absolutely, yes.
    • No, it’s the media and fake news.


Written by Nina Slowinski

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